#127 L-Week 11(2) 夢は口にすると叶う?-8


アナタは、目標や夢が有る時、口に出しますか? それともしまっておきますか? 更には、最近 ”予祝” とか聞きますよね? その辺りも考えるとどうなんでしょう?? このspeechではその辺を取り上げてるので、是非継続して聞いてみて下さいね (^^) 目からウロコかも知れません。以下が文章です。

  • Then everyone was given 45 minutes of work that would directly lead them towards their goal, but they were told that they could stop at any time.
  • Now, those who kept their mouths shut worked the entire 45 minutes on average, and when asked afterward, said that they felt that they had a long way to go still to achieve their goal.

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